List Of Skylanders: Swap Force Characters

If any of you are like me and have children that enjoy Skylanders you want to know information about the new Skylander characters that come out with each game. I’m going to attempt to keep you all filled in as much as I can about the new Skylanders: Swap Force game & characters.

If you find out about any characters that I don’t have posted yet, please leave a comment and I’ll update the list accordingly. If you have any suggestions to what I can add to this to make it better for you all, please let me know. Thanks!

To view the current known Skylanders: Swap Force characters,

Skylander Picture Release Notes Element | Type
Magna Charge  Skylanders Swap Force - Magna Charge TBA Tech
Swap Force
Wash Buckler  Skylanders Swap Force - Wash Buckler TBA Water
Swap Force
Blast Zone  Skylanders Swap Force - Blast Zone TBA Fire
Night Shift  Skylanders Swap Force - Night Shift TBA Undead
Stink Bomb  Skylanders Swap Force - Stink Bomb TBA Life
Freeze Blade  Skylanders Swap Force - Freeze Blade TBA Water
Countdown  Skylanders Swap Force - Countdown TBA Tech
Roller Brawl  Skylanders Swap Force - Roller Brawl TBA Undead
 Unknown  Skylanders Swap Force - Unknown Magic Character TBA  Skylanders Swap Force Hat Magic
 Stealth Elf (S3)  Skylanders Swap Force - Stealth Elf Series 3 TBA

So this list obviously isn’t complete yet, but I’ll update it as I find out more information.


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